Female Orgasms Demystified 2

The orgasm is a moment of absolute pleasure, of rapture, and letting go of all the pressures inside you. It is a moment of surrender to higher demand and power, a moment without control, without restraint, soul, body, and mind bare to the hands of the one you love.

Female orgasms are rare because we are all focusing on vaginal orgasms. They are elusive because we are not making love but having mechanical sex and they remain controversial since the days of our forefathers leading many women to face mutilation of vital sexual parts but quite achievable with the right attitude and skills. Yes, SKILLS. Garnish skill in time and you have your gal the big O.

Stop pursuing the vaginal orgasm, they require work, depth and size. Focus on 5 other types of female orgasms. Briefly

a) Vaginal Orgasm – achieved through thrusting of the vagina. Plenty of factors required for success. Only 39% of women get them anyways, occasionally

b) Clitoral Orgasm – gentle manipulation of this organ will always give you crazy orgasms. When licked, nibbled, given gentle bites, pulled by lips or fingers, rubbed, massaged, etc, orgasms are guaranteed. 8000 nerve endings don’t lie, the only organ whose main purpose is sexual.

c) Boob Orgasm – how many women have had an orgasm while breastfeeding? Millions. Now, rub breasts gently, squeezing them, knead them with tenderness, suck on them, lick them like a puppy, take your time driving her crazy and she will have a boob orgasm

d) G-spots – places you can touch and be assured of an orgasm. Women have so many gspots, you will never know because you never take time in calm places to discuss sex with your partner. Put a finger inside your gal, two inches inside, raise your finger up and you will be touching the gspot. Rub it gently and she will wiggle. The pereneum region is a gspot too. This is the area between the vagina and her anus. Rub it gently, taking the time, and voila!!!  Orgasm. (Sipping tea)

e) Squirting – controversial but real. Find the skene’s gland, inside her vagina towards the urethra, a bean-sized gland and rub it, close your eyes, the taps are about to spit. Or better still, give her kachavali, what we call in Rwanda, kunyaza. Lay her in front of your legs open, then with your erect penis, in brush strokes, rub her vulva, from the clitoris, touching gently, in slow motion and pick up speed as she responds, down to the vagina. Weka ndoo karibu uchote maji. A sure way to orgasm for the both of you.

f) ​​Oral Orgasm – create time and give your woman a full body massage. Be gentle, exert pressure, alternating pressure around muscles, rub your fingers on sensitive places, listen to her moans, give her more in those places that elicit a reaction, insert fingers where she wants, slap her gently, knead certain parts, be a wizard with her butt, pay attention to her butt, be creative and just wait….boom!!!

Sex will not give you these wonders,  lovemaking will. Deep connections and compatibility, love, and respect is all it takes.


  1. Excellent appliances. My partner has suffered severe FGM. She has never achieved the pleasure of an orgasm we are blessed with two offsprings.
    I am a medic and convinced her on the use of this toy. I will chose my prevalence. What about the one costing Ksh5800?

    Mohamed Ali Abdow
    1. Hi Mohamed,
      Thank you for choosing us.
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      Pleasures Galore

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