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Aluminum Alloy Super Smooth Diamond Base Advanced Anal Plug Sets Adult Sex Toys


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  • Type: Anal plug kits
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Colour: Silver
  • Length: 70/82/95mm
  • Diameter: 28/34/40mm
  • Package: Blaster packaging
  • Base: Diamond decoration
  • Weight: 55/92/160g
  • Usage: Adult Anal Plug

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In stock

Everyone deserves to be a prince or princess sometimes. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always agree. It’s so easy to feel unnoticed, unwanted, and unacknowledged as we go about our daily routine – and that’s why LovePlugs has come up with a product specifically designed to help each and every person get their moment of royalty. You’ll not only look like the prince or princess you truly are in the bedroom – but your partner will treat you just like one, too!

This elegant jewelled butt plug pairs a classic silver metal design with a wide, glimmering gem base. The unique base of this gem butt plug is available in no fewer than 11 stunning colors, from pink to green to purple to many, many more. Decorate your pampered asshole with rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, and all of your favorite gems – or treat yourself to something extra-special and be classic royalty with our crystal clear diamond butt plug design!

But what true prince or princess could be satisfied with a single jewelled butt plug, even one topped with a glimmering diamond? Here at LovePlugs, we understand that royalty deserves the best- and we’re ready to provide it! So we’re offering you not just one gem butt plug, but THREE! That’s right! This exclusive set comes with no fewer than THREE stainless steel jewel-topped butt plugs. Choose between three matching colored jewels for those who prefer a particular gem aesthetic or a tantalizing mix of three different rich, sparkling, colorful jewels in all your favorite colors.

Each plug in the set features a glossy silver color and comes in one of our most popular sizes. The smallest plug has a width of 1.1 inches, the medium plug offers a slightly more challenging 1.4 inches, and the largest plug will truly put your royal hole to the test at a full 1.6 inches wide. All three plugs are compatible with standard types of sexual lubricant for a safe, comfortable, and most of all pleasurable experience.

Why deny yourself the royal pampering you truly deserve? Slip-on that tiara or a pair of glass slippers, get your ass lubed up, and pick out the perfect jewel butt plug to give you a night right out of a fairy tale!

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